What You Had To Say

Everyone has a voice and some of you chose to use it. This is where we share parts of the great memories some of you felt were worth writing about. After reading through these ourselves, it made us realize why we enjoy what we do for you every day. Here’s what you had to say….

Sarah is an unbelievably talented stylist. She’s super warm and friendly, and you feel like she’s got everything under control. The salon is very mellow and I love being offered coffee from the friendly staff.

Sim K., San Francisco, CA

In one word how can I describe Zindagi Salon — FABULOUS!  I have been coming to Zindagi for over 10 years.  I have had a myriad of hair treatments with Kellie (who I adore) – I can’t say enough. The Thermal Reconditioning and Japanese hair Straitening are AMAZING. Then I have had treatments from Kellie creating my beautiful blonde hair color, performing silky Keratin treatments for my fine but extremely curly hair, to the finest haircuts in the Bay Area…I am happy!!!   Always greeted with warmth and a sense of belonging to this very cool salon.   I am truly taken care of at Zindagi, and, in my opinion Zindagi embodies everything I was looking for in hair care:  the best stylists who truly care about making each client beautiful.  Thank you Zindagi, Kellie and everyone at the Salon!

Linda S. Gordon, San Francisco, CA

As a guy, sometimes it is awkward to go into places that are typically more for the female world. The stylists at Zindagi have helped me get over that anxiety. Kellie has been cutting my hair for a few years now. What’s great about it, as a guy, I don’t have to think or make a decision. “Please just make it look good” because I just want to keep it simple…and thank you and thank you, because Kellie keeps it simple for me. Plus it is a cool place with a great city vibe view, and when I show up early, they actually host me and treat me like an invited guest. This has stopped me from going to the standard chains. Keep it simple and easy makes me happy 😉

Adrian P., San Francisco, CA

Walking into Zindagi you are always welcomed with great energy. Kellie is an amazing stylist for she listens well to what you would like and has the skills and experience to implement. She also has a great aesthetic and would never let you leave without a great look for you.

Angela Camacho, San Francisco, CA

Jada, my colorist did an excellent job. She does quick, thorough and very good work. I highly recommend her!

Jenette E., San Francisco, CA

Sarah is an exceptional colorist.  She is incredibly skilled at the Balayage technique and really knows how to make your hair look naturally sun-kissed.  She is incredibly detail oriented and really listens to her clients.  I couldn’t be happier with my color and am so glad that I finally found someone in SF that I really trust with my hair.

Louise H., San Francisco, CA

My go to place in San Francisco!! Modern chic savvy and Kellie is amazing!! The only place I trust with my ‘A’ line red bob.

Angela Quach, Dubai

When I met and began working with Erik on my hair, I found that he was creative, interesting and really listened to where I was going with my hair. I wanted a bigger change and knew then that my choice was very sound. He was the right one to optimally make it happen. And, as my instinct had me, Erik was brilliant!

Grace C., Los Angeles, CA

I saw Teresa and she was absolutely excellent. I was a platinum blonde for about 2 years. The last time I saw her she did a color correction because another salon damaged my hair and it was looking yellow. She fixed me right up. She was caring, very careful about not damaging my hair (which is a huge deal to me.) She took her time and knew exactly what she was doing. Those years and years of experience proved her to be a master colorist. I walked out with perfectly platinum hair. I am so grateful to her for her knowledge, expertise, professionalism and all around good work.

Miss M., Burlingame, CA

I am thrilled! I have been a model for years and have never before received so many compliments from industry professionals about my hair!! Teresa Mockler, part owner of Zindagi, is a complete genius! I highly recommend her. I will be traveling back to SF from LA just for Teresa!

Jana M., Los Angeles, CA

I love Zindagi Salon! I have been going to Kellie Little for many years and she always does such a great job and keeps my hair looking healthy and current. She is very professional and I love the location, very close to BART and in Union Square…it’s a fun place to go for a cut and color, then grab a bite to eat or do some shopping. Love her hairbrush too!

Sheryl T., Oakland, CA

Five stars for Julian!  He was very receptive to what I was looking for and was very thoughtful throughout the process. He’s very knowledgeable about coloring and I felt comfortable putting my hair in his hands! He was also extremely friendly and great to chat with. Thank you for a great experience Julian!

Jenny C., San Francisco, CA

After Julian was done lightening my base color, shampooing, highlighting, toning it out, etc, he also did a beautiful Brazilian blow out! My hair has never looked better. I looked and felt like a movie star leaving Zindagi. Great atmosphere in the salon, small and boutique-like, and definitely a PLUS that they offer you coffee, tea or wine as soon as you sit in your chair. THANK YOU JULIAN AND THE ZINDAGI TEAM! I will be coming back soon! 🙂

Camille W., San Francisco, CA

I love spending an afternoon at Zindagi.  Not only is the atmosphere relaxing and the tea and wine an added bonus; but, my colorist Kellie Little is a color goddess.  She works magic on my grays.  I always leave there looking amazing.  Kellie also has a hairbrush called the Groove Elliptic that has made my life easier.  I have curly hair that can be a bit frizzy.  Since switching to the Kellie’s hairbrush, I have not had to use a flatiron – for over a year now.  Never thought I could fall in love with a hairbrush!!

Denise W., San Francisco, CA

Erik is a hair scientist! My hair is not easy – limp, frizzy without care, boring style, using the wrong products – – not anymore!! It’s like my hair has been reborn with a modern, elegant style and color! Relaxed atmosphere, great space, no ego, revolutionary products and world class stylist in Erik makes this the only place to get your hair done. Seriously I’m surprised I can get an appointment.  You pay for the quality but I’m so excited to have found Erik!

Nat S., Conde'-sur Vire, France

I have been seeing Kellie Little at Zindagi for more than 10 years.  She is a true professional in every way.  Her salon is comfortable, clean, hip, and completely client focused (in an industry that can tend to be stylist focused).  Kellie did various cuts and highlights on me for several years.  Since she constantly keeps up with current salon and styling trends – and travels the world learning the latest techniques, she’s also done Balayage, low-lights and most recently Brazilian Blowouts for me.  I’ve never been happier.  My thin, but wavy, hair turns out silky, smooth and I always feel years younger when I leave!  I now travel across the bridge to see Kellie every couple of months.  No attitude, no hard sell, just an easy-going stylist from Texas with the hottest salon in The City.  Kellie incorporated a special space in the salon specifically for Brazilian Blowouts so that fresh air circulates making it even more relaxing to sip my tea or wine while there.  Everything she suggests has been exactly what I wanted, yet, I didn’t even know it.  I would not think of going to anyone else.  Check out her fabulous Brazilian Blowouts and her amazing Groove Elliptic Hairbrush!  You will be thrilled!

Kristina C., Greenbrae, CA

I just finished getting my very tight curly,, long hair styled and cut at Zindagi by Teresa Mockler who should be dubbed “The Hair Whisperer” she is so fabulous.  I have been coming to Teresa for years, and would follow her to the moon–she really knows how to handle my hair texture, and was the first stylist who really was able to explain to me that although I had very curly hair, it was also very fine–and was able to give me a cut and style that was the best I have ever had. What I also love about the salon is that all of the stylists really strive to be masters at their craft. Teresa herself holds workshops regularly to train other stylists, which I think is great.  If more stylists learn how to work magic like her, the better off we’ll be.  Can’t say enough great things about Teresa and Zindagi!

Mialisa B., Alameda, CA

One of the best!  Erik has been doing my hair for more years than I care to mention.  I just love the way he works and manages to give me the perfect cut and color every time.  The salon is located in downtown San Francisco which makes it easy for anyone to get to with ample parking structures around the area.  The staff at the salon are friendly but professional and are ready to serve you.  The overall experience is a MUST!!!

Sherri R. Chirk, Bank, U.K.

Alexis worked her magic on my hair. She is sweet and friendly, gentle and attentive. She asked me what I want on my hair and gave me really good advice how to maintain that blond color. The salon is quite spacious, the receptionists are very nice (they gave me a call to remind that I have an appointment). Also, they are you using really good products that are natural and not toxic. Great job, Alexis 🙂

Katie K., San Francisco, CA

Bruno is a true professional.  Super easy to talk to, and for a 3 hour treatment, you want to like the person you’re spending all that time with!  His work was impeccable, and he really put in the time and did not skimp. I get compliments all the time so two big thumbs up for Bruno.  I will be back!

Bahareh M., San Francisco, CA

I have been going to Teresa at Zindagi Salon for about 10 years now after getting a referral from a curly-haired stranger in Palo Alto!  Having thick, naturally curly hair has always been a challenge and I’ve had many bad hairstyles up until going to Teresa.  She has cut, colored and treated my hair with Keratin over that time and always does a great job.  She takes the time to listen to any concerns, is completely honest about what works and what doesn’t and I’ve always left the salon happy and continue to get compliments on my hair.  I live an hour away from San Francisco, but to be honest, the distance is secondary to having the peace of mind that I will be having my hair done by someone who is professional, very friendly and knows the pros and cons of curly hair.  The new online booking system is very convenient and even on the one occasion in 10 years, that there was a scheduling error, Kelly was able to fit me in for a great color.   All of Zindagi staff are very friendly and there is no intimidation factor going into a trendy, city center salon because of the warm welcome!    Thank you!

Naomi Sherry, SF Bay Area, CA

Zindagi is one of the best salons in San Francisco. I’ve tried several. I have been a client for over ten years and followed Teresa Mockler, one of the owners, over from a previous salon. The personal attention I receive and the access I have to the experienced and talented stylists at Zindagi is a huge asset for me and my hair. I know I can rely on their team and I never have to worry. I relax and get a vacation from my daily stresses when I’m there. I highly recommend Zindagi for anyone searching for a salon to call home…

Alison Chambers, Marin, CA

I have been a client of Kellie’s for 2 decades, and to this day I am ecstatic with her extraordinary talent for texturizing and coloring my short hair! Being from an award winning family of salons growing up, I can appreciate her amazing talent and professionalism…I travel from Southern California to SF just to have Kellie do my hair!

Jennifer Ogg, SoCal

Zindagi Salon’s superb stylists and services rejuvenate, relax, and bring out my best, inside and out. Everyone at Zindagi is experienced and hip, innovative and grounded, professional and warm. I just can’t quit you, Zindagi!

Steven LaFrance,