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At Zindagi, our Stylists are highly skilled and trained professionals with great personalities. Not only are the Stylists at Zindagi trained at top professional schools, the apprenticeship program has been second to none. Read more...

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Zindagi Salon was established in 1999, anchored in the heart of Union Square. Over the years, the ownership and location has changed but the original values and essence have remained constant and true. Owner Erik Webb has been an anchor in the San Francisco hair industry for decades. Zindagi means life, and the salon is nothing short of that. Read more...


At Zindagi we only use the best hair products available on the market. For your convience we have these products for sale in our salon.



Another way Zindagi stands out, is how we approach our services for you. We ask you the questions we need to learn; everything from your hair type, texture and preferences, all the way to your daily life activities and your style & fashion tastes.This helps us select with you, the services that are best suited for your needs and desires. Learn more about what we offer…..


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Everyone has a voice and some of you chose to use it. This is where we share parts of the great memories some of you felt were worth writing to us about. After reading through these ourselves, it made us realize why we enjoy what we do for you every day. Here’s what you had to say….


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